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HR (Personell) as PDF
  • Extensive knowledge in all HR-areas (Administration, Personnel Development, Recruiting, Potentials, Service for Leading Managers, Job-Evaluation [i.a. ERA, Metall, “TVoeD”, UN/ICSC], Salary, etc.)
  • Negotiating partner with management level, Staff committee or organizational/associational bodies
  • Responsible in big organisations, e.g. in OSCE for all missions worldwide (ca. 3.000 employees)
  • Direct responsibility for staff (up to 15-20 persons), Budget-responsibility up to 5 Mio. EUR
  • Organization / Structure / Processes
  • Wide knowledge of operational and organizational structure
  • Execution of process analyses and monitoring of implementations in KPMG, DCVD, OSCE and DAH
  • Implementation of a tool to the unified recordation of processes in DCVD (MS Excel-based)
  • Development & Implementation of working agreements, evaluation - and development-models
  • Working with independent units (DAH = 120 associated member organizations; OSCE = ca. 16 field stations in Eastern Europe/Central Asia; DaimlerChrysler = group-owned subsidiaries)
  • International experience
  • Responsibilities  in project teams with KPMG Consulting, DaimlerChrysler and OSCE
  • Inter-cultural competencies by daily contacts and projects
  • Worldwide duty trips, e.g. Balkan (Kosovo, Mazedonia, Albania), Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia),
    East Europe (Poland, Ukraine, Moldova), Central Asia (Azerbaijan, Kazachstan, Kirgistan, Turkmenistan)
  • Consulting
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Training-, Workshop-Lead
  • Monitoring of SAP implementations, areas: HR-/ORG-/FI-/Travelcost-Management
  • Clients: e.g. European Patent Office (1999-2001), Bavarian Broadcast (2000-2001),
    BMW Financial Services (2001)
  • Start-up consulting (e.g. finance-, profitability-analyses)
  • Finance / Budget / Controlling / Administration
  • Wide knowledge, e.g. in public budget/procurement law and Controlling of public given budgets
    or third party budgets (Fundraising)
  • Responsible for HR and Budget in companies and (international) public institutions.
  • Software
  • Office tools (MS Office, MS Access, Lotus notes)
  • Different ERP-Systems, (SAP, Peoplesoft, ORACLE)
  • Special software (Visio, MS Project etc.)
  • Own Databases (HR-/Structure Data, Job Evaluation, Workflow/Processes)
  • Tax consulting/ Auditing
  • Basic knowledge (study and practical courses); Basic knowledge of the German tax laws
  • Wholesale / Sales
  • Project leading / Inhouse Consultancy of Sales Projects in DCVD
  • Contact ...Vita Disclaimer
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